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I'm a joint PhD/MBA student passionate about using technology to help the world work smarter. I've been fortunate to work for a range of institutions from Google to Sesame Workshop to Brown University, helping each design multidisciplinary solutions that scale their impacts. I bring my design, strategy, and entrepreneurial spirit everywhere I go. 


When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play



Research and Program Manager                       2013-2016

  • Grew participation in the National STEM Video Game Challenge by 20% and increased gender parity by 10% by obtaining multi-year funding commitments, designing curriculum for game design learning opportunities, and managing a research team at 20 sites across the country. Invited guest at White House Science Fair

  • Spearheaded new AARP-funded Design Challenge, which increased older adult’s technology literacy and improved family communication; Project’s success covered in Washington Post

  • Designed mixed-methods research studies to evaluate efficacy of student workshops in supporting teenagers’ development and creating interest in STEM careers. Used results to drive curricular decision making and secure renewed funding

  • Principal scientist responsible for data analysis and write-up. Invited speaker at NAEA 2016 and the SSHRC-funded Kids DIY Media Workshop at University of Toronto


BIT BY BIT (CODE LIKE A GIRL)                             

Founder and Program Lead                          2015-Present

  • Founded conference for high school girls in technology with support from the New York City Department of Education

  • Secured sponsorship from Facebook, Microsoft, Parsons, Venmo, and more, to offer scholarships for all attendees. Coordinated team of 100 volunteers and mentors to offer individualized support for all students

  • Managed program design, reviewed submissions, and coordinated logistics, by organizing team meetings of educator and industry stakeholders and managing a team of 6 high school girls from across the city



Data Analyst                                                        2014-2016

  • Developed quantitative methodology that became new standard for assessing impact. Grew team from 1 to 5 to manage new processes. Synthesized stakeholders’ requirements to create data-driven sales and product-adoption reports

  • Redeveloped BrainPOP’s games to collect and analyze interaction data to identify student engagement and learning


AMPLIFY, NEWS CORP                                          

Games Product Owner                                              2011-2013

  • Designated as games spokesperson to speak in product videos, shareholder events, and present to News Corp CEO

  • Selected and managed vision for 5 commercial game companies through development of English-Language Arts games; Responsible for $50 million budget to grow games portfolio from 0 - 9 games, 3 of which won game awards

  • Created and expanded bi-weekly student playtesting into separate user research department as Associate Project Manager in 2012

MEG CABOT BOOK CLUB                                     

Founder and Project Lead                                 2005-2008

  • With author, designed and built online book club, increasing her sales. Launched marketing trend as other Harper Collins’ authors adapted websites to our model




Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil), Internet Studies                         2018

  • Dissertation: Empowering Teenage Technology Use

  • Oxford Internet Institute Scholarship: Awarded sole departmental scholarship for doctoral coursework

Master of Science (MSc), Social Science of the Internet           2014

  • Oxford Graduate Scholar: Selected 1 of 20 Oxford students of top academic and leadership skills; Endowed as Google’s scholar

  • Thouron Fellow; O’Reilly Prize (Publisher’s award for best data science paper); Founder, Citizen Science Working Group



Master of Business Administration (MBA)                               2018

  • Awarded Laura Walker Merit Scholarship, Forté Fellow

  • Non-Profit Board Fellow; First-Year Leader, Design and Innovation Club; Leader, Jewish Students Association


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Individualized major: Computer Science and Society                                                                                        2011

  • Designed an interdisciplinary major across Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences that combined traditional computer science study with an examination of how technology impacts policy and human behavior. After my major, the University established two new degree programs modeled off of the gaps I identified.

  • Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, University Scholar, Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors, Graduation Flag Bearer, Dean’s List 2009-2011




Policy Fellow                                                                 2013

  • 1 of 3 undergraduates accepted into Google’s graduate research fellowship given to 17 students annually

  • Analyzed how telecommunications privatization shaped the modern Latin American mobile market and wrote a white paper; Report used by Google and the Technology Policy Institute to advance the public discourse on broadband distribution

Researcher and Program Advisor                2016-Present
  • Design mixed-methods research program to evaluate efficacy of Brown’s summer computer science programs in impacting student attitudes towards and skills in technology. Using data to redesign curriculum and advocate for doubling program’s budge


OXFORD INTERNET INSTITUTE                           

Research Assistant                                             2013–2015

  • Research assistant for Dr. Andy Przybylski on three projects that examined how new media influences childhood aggression, gender perceptions, and self-regulation

Policy Research Assistant                                  2013–2014

  • Created survey and white paper for Virgin Media on how political and school interventions influence teenage ICT use

  • For bwin, examined how the games industry verifies users’ identities and identified best practices other industries could apply



Technology Consultant                                                2011

  • Redesigned Quirky’s online product-development process to encourage collaboration, recruit new members, and increase the community’s combined effectiveness and simplify product-creation

  • Evaluated web technologies and algorithms to analyze reliable and popular ways to create social communities and ranking systems, supporting Quirky’s redesign


UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                          

University Scholars: Research Society              2009–2011

  • Social Networks and Online Shopping: Assessed how various e-commerce websites attempt to turn e-shopping into a social experience. Identified tools that augment user engagement, engender trust, and enable organic browsing experiences

  • Developing Trust in Online Interactions: Received University Scholars grant to research why users trust certain websites and online interactions. Conducted user tests on online trust and contrasted these with sociological analyses of “offline” trust

  • Middle School Girls and Computer Use: Examined how middle school girls use computers and ways to interest them in computer science. Tested hypotheses at outreach events. Findings were adapted into Penn’s community outreach and curricular design, increasing department’s retention and outreach’s efficacy




Policy Analysis

Game Design

Human-Centered Research

Data Science

Extensive coursework in Research Methods: modules on big data analysis, interviewing, survey design, advanced qualitative research, design analysis

Languages: SQL, Python, R, Unix, SPSS, Stata

Other Interests

Musical theatre

Lego building

Children's Rights

Technology Policy

World War 2 history

  • Przybylski A. and Mishkin A. (2015). Examining How the Quantity and Quality of Electronic Gaming Relates to Adolescents' Academic Engagement and Psychosocial Adjustment. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

  • Mishkin A., Jordan-Cooley, W, and Miklasz, K. (2015) Understanding Conceptual Engagement and Accuracy in an Assessment Game. Poster presented at the Games+Learning+Society Conference, Madison, WI.

  • Mishkin, A (2015) Game Design in Museums and Libraries: A Critical Evaluation. New York, NY: Sesame Workshop.

  • Przybylski A.K., Mishkin, A.F., Shotbolt, V., and Linington, S. (2014) A Shared Responsibility: Building Children's Online Resilience. Digital Families Conference, London, UK. October 2014.

  • Nash, V., O'Connell, R., Zevenbergen, B., and Mishkin, A. (2014) Effective age verification techniques: Lessons to be learnt from the online gambling industry. Final Report.

  • Mishkin, A. (2011). A tale of two readers. Peregrine, 4, 175-182.


SELECTED PRESS                           

  • Germain, W (Producer). (2016, June). It Ain’t Rocket Science [Television broadcast]. New York, NY: NY1.

  • Kievlan, P (Producer). (2015, November 18). Learning with Games [Television broadcast]. Pittsburgh, PA: PBS.

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